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Road Alert Systems is a forward-looking Traffic Management company that showcases ingenuity across areas such as traffic regulation, signaling systems, safety protocols, and the assimilation of cutting-edge technologies.


Recognizing the irreplaceable nature of human talents goes beyond personal value; it holds significant implications for human rights. This acknowledgment advocates for inclusivity and equal opportunity, emphasizing that every individual, regardless of their background or circumstances, possesses unique qualities that contribute to the collective human experience.

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Speed Limit Enforcement

  • Road Alert Systems (RAS) works closely with local authorities to ensure that speed limits are strictly enforced in areas where high pedestrian traffic is present.
  • Through the use of automated speed cameras, RAS monitors and captures images of vehicles exceeding posted speed limits, contributing to safer road conditions.
  • The company collaborates with law enforcement to implement radar-based speed detection systems that alert drivers when they are exceeding speed limits.

Improved Methods

One of RAS’s groundbreaking contributions is its innovative New Shift Release System, engineered to decrease workloads and simultaneously enhance safety measures.

No Phone Zone Innovation

Prioritizing Simplified Traffic Management

Understanding the many factors that contribute to the limited reaction time of drivers, RAS adheres to the principle that simplicity ensures safety. By streamlining traffic management strategies and solutions, the company enhances the overall effectiveness of road safety measures. This approach accounts for the brief window of time available for drivers to respond to changing conditions, emphasizing the need for clear and straightforward traffic management practices.

RAS’s initiative designed to optimize time-efficient routes.

20+ Years of Experience

Road Alert System LLC, established in 2019, brings an unmatched level of excellence to the field of Traffic Management and Systems Research. With many decades of practical experience in industrial and commercial safety systems and regulations, RAS stands as a true leader in shaping the future of transportation safety and efficiency. Our foundation, established in 2019, is fortified by the collective expertise of our team, accumulated over years of dedicated service. This wealth of experience empowers us to navigate the complex intersections of technology, regulation, and innovation with unparalleled proficiency.



Reduced Workload

Communication Systems

Full MUTCD Compliance

All Devices OSHA | ATSSA | DOT Compliant

Certified Flaggers

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Cyber Security

Device Security: RAS deals with a range of traffic devices, which are susceptible to cyber threats. Cybersecurity measures can ensure that these devices are protected from unauthorized access, tampering, or exploitation. This prevents potential disruptions to traffic management operations. Other benefits: Data Protection, Network Security, Railway Safety, Monitoring Systems, Incident Response, and Employee Training.


C.I.T.R.S.’s Cyber Sentinel of RAS


Luis Reis


“Each human talent is invaluable and irreplaceable.”

Melvin Milon


“At RAS, our true wealth is measured in lives safeguarded and communities uplifted. We invest in safety, and the returns are immeasurable.”

Kyle F

Director of Cyber Security

“Our operations are a symphony of precision. Every measure we take, every system we design, is an embodiment of our dedication to accuracy, efficiency, and reliability.”


DOT # 3405780

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Major Projects

Undertaking significant traffic management projects, we place a paramount focus on meticulous attention to details, adherence to protocols, and efficient flagging practices. This ensures that our initiatives are executed with precision, aligning with established standards and regulations, and contributing to the overall success and safety of our endeavors.


Safe Industrial Projects Completed

Embedding stringent safety protocols and implementing fortified security measures within Road Alert Systems fostering a culture of security and diligence.

Safeguarding life, property, and critical data.

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The notion that each human talent is irreplaceable encapsulates the unique value that individuals bring to various spheres of life. It underscores the understanding that every person possesses a distinct set of skills, experiences, perspectives, and qualities that cannot be replicated exactly by anything else.

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